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Solving Water Leaks With Chimney Flashing

Solving Water Leaks With Chimney FlashingThe term “flashing” refers to any impervious material that is a component of a WRB or weather-resistant barrier system. These thin pieces of material are installed to prevent water from leaking through the joints around different types of roof protrusions. These protrusions can compromise a roofing system’s integrity and allow moisture to enter. Compared to some protrusions such as bathroom vents, kitchen vents, and plumbing ventilation pipes, your chimney is the largest component that protrudes through your roof. Continue reading

3 Levels Of Chimney Inspections To Be Aware Of

3 Levels Of Chimney Inspections To Be Aware OfWhenever we think about relaxing in front of a fire during winter, our mind conjures up images of comfort and warmth as well as safety. Nothing compares to the feeling you get when you can spend your evening in front of your fireplace instead of being outside in the cold winter weather. However, a professional chimney inspection during the off-season can prevent can prevent a number of unpleasant issues when it is time to use it. Continue reading