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Alliance Chimney had us back up and running within an hour of calling them. Without them, it would have been a long night without heat.
– Beverly B., Holbrook NY

Alliance Chimney is the most trusted name in chimney restoration, sweeping, liners, inspections and maintenance on Long Island. Proudly serving over 10,000 customers a year in Nassau, Queens, and Suffolk County, we are dedicated to safety, customer service, honesty, and reliability. For more than 20 years homeowners have trusted us to provide excellent advice & service and continue to each day.

60 Minute Emergency Service

Alliance Chimney is fully licensed and insured and specializes in chimney and fireplace construction and repair, brick pointing, cleaning, chimney cap and liner installation and service as well as preventative maintenance. Among the most common problems we can address (to name a few) are correcting boiler and gas shutoffs, draft problems, blockage removals and addressing code violations. Located on Long Island, we live in the communities we serve and our commitment to getting the job done the first time is second to none.

Alliance Chimney also offers 60 Minute Emergency Response and Service and will be at your home or business within 1 hour to assess the problem, review the issues with you, explain and make the repair to your satisfaction. Call 866-397-5107 today for a free consultation..

Frequently Asked Chimney Questions

What is the purpose of a chimney liner?

The purpose of a chimney liner is to keep the heat of flue gases inside the chimney so the chimney can’t overheat the nearby combustible material, such as the framing and walls of your house, and possibly cause a fire. The liner also keeps carbon monoxide, moisture, smoke, creosote, and other products of combustion from seeping through the bricks and mortar of your chimney and leaking into your home. Most masonry chimneys are constructed with an inner liner of clay tiles.

Does my original chimney liner need to be replaced?

If your chimney liner is cracked, broken, or missing then it needs to be replaced. Cracked clay liner tiles and the deterioration of mortar joints between liner tiles can lead to carbon monoxide leakage into the house. Cracks in the chimney liner can also cause dangerous heat transfer to combustible material surrounding your chimney. Additionally, a cracked chimney liner can lead to chimney breaking down which is caused by the acidic moisture that comes from condensed flue gases. This acidic moisture attacks the chimney from the inside. That is why a chimney may look good from the outside, but the inside can be a totally different story! Years of normal use with hot and cold cycles and seasonal weather conditions all take their toll on a chimney.

How often do I need a chimney cleaning or chimney inspected? If you are using the chimney to vent a fireplace, wood, coal or pellet stove or a gas or oil appliance, the flue should be inspected and cleaned once a year. You should also have your chimney sweep and inspection if you have experienced a chimney fire. The sudden rise in temperatures within the flue associated with a chimney fire is often the main cause of tiles cracking.

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