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The Importance Of A Properly Operating Chimney And Flue

The Importance Of A Properly Operating Chimney And FlueA chimney’s primary purpose is the removal or venting of those by-products that result from the combustion process. This is a crucial function when you consider that those by-products contain hazardous gasses including carbon monoxide (CO). When animals and humans are exposed to high concentrations of this colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas, they can become seriously ill and even die. In most cases, the presence of CO within a Long Island home is attributed to the inadequate venting of a fireplace or furnace. Continue reading

Why is Chimney Blockage Removal So Important?

contact-usDid you know things such as creosote, ash, mold, and even a birds nest could all cause a blockage in your chimney? None of those things are going to help ventilate your house properly when you light a fire to warm yourself up.

Alliance Chimney is a company that specializes in all things related to chimneys, primarily blockage removal and cleaning. With our help you do not have to worry about causing yourself harm while cleaning a chimney. We’re here to provide our professional blockage removal and cleaning assistance at an affordable price so that you can simply enjoy using your chimney without worry.

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