Solving Water Leaks With Chimney Flashing

Solving Water Leaks With Chimney FlashingThe term “flashing” refers to any impervious material that is a component of a WRB or weather-resistant barrier system. These thin pieces of material are installed to prevent water from leaking through the joints around different types of roof protrusions. These protrusions can compromise a roofing system’s integrity and allow moisture to enter. Compared to some protrusions such as bathroom vents, kitchen vents, and plumbing ventilation pipes, your chimney is the largest component that protrudes through your roof.

Without a doubt, chimneys can be very complex and extremely problematic, especially when it comes to protecting them from roof leaks and water infiltration. Other protrusions (see above) have smooth, symmetrical surfaces which are much easier to seal. Conversely, chimneys present more sealing challenges because they are constructed in different shapes and sizes from brick or masonry (stone), materials that have jagged, uneven surfaces and irregular mortar joints.

Since water is one of your chimney’s primary enemies, the importance of chimney flashing cannot be overstated. Alliance Chimney of Long Island offers a comprehensive line of services that include flashing repair or replacement and leak prevention. Because certain protrusions are necessary, they require flashing in order to prevent the integrity of the roof’s surface from being compromised. This is especially true where chimneys are concerned.

Because no two chimneys are ever alike, the installation of flashing must be customized to accommodate the needs of the structure. Since chimneys are usually not attached to any structural components of the house, the area around it can easily develop openings that can leak, especially when your home settles or shifts on its foundation. If you have recently noticed that part of your flashing is missing or has rusted through, we urge you to contact Alliance Chimney of Long Island today and ensure that the problem does not become serious and more costly to repair.

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