Fireplace Maintenance

Maintaining your fireplace is one of the most important things you can do to keep your home safe and to prevent severe damage and costly repairs. At Alliance Chimney, we recommend cleanings and inspections every six months because we know what can be lurking within and outside of the chimney. However, since fire safety agencies recommend an inspection/cleaning annually, all fireplace maintenance issues should be addressed, as well.

The keys to proper chimney maintenance, thus promoting safety and preventing unnecessary damage, are education and inspections. When you hire Alliance Chimney to inspect your chimney, we will ensure the structure, as well as all of its elements are structurally sound, in good working condition, and most importantly, SAFE! And because our customers truly matter to us, our specialists will not only go over the inspection report, step-by-step, but they will educate you on any potential risks or damages, as well as how to maintain your chimney.

Some of the components are easily understood and visible. However, there are many things that an average homeowner does not know what to look for and/or is not capable of evaluating properly, if at all. Don’t take the chance of missing something and putting your loved ones or home in danger. Call Alliance Chimney and we will do a complete evaluation of your chimney and fireplace to determine if anything needs to be repaired/replaced.

During an inspection, our specialists will evaluate and determine the state of all of the following:

Cap – Prevents leaves, debris, and animals from getting into the chimney, creating blockages.

Alliance Chimney will make sure the cap is still functioning properly and has not come loose from wind, animals and other outside elements. Loose, damaged, or clogged caps can prevent proper ventilation and cause blockages within the chimney. – Alliance Chimney will clean your cap and if needed, repair or replace your cap.

Flue – Prevents harmful gas from seeping into the structure/walls of your home and allows for proper ventilation.

Our specialists will make sure the flue is still secure and has not shifted. Alliance Chimney will also clean your flue, ridding it of build-up from fires and additional debris that may have gotten inside your flue. This is a critical step to take, yearly, because build-up and blockages lead to poor ventilation, which means dangerous levels of CO2 can enter your home. – Alliance Chimney can repair or replace a damaged flue for you.

Flashing – Material that connects the chimney to the roof and prevents water from getting in between, causing leaks, rot, and mold, which can be costly and jeopardize the integrity of the chimney structure.

We will ensure the flashing is secure and has not been damaged or lifted. We can repair/replace pieces, on the spot, if needed. Our specialists are trained to detect and identify leaks in the roof or inside the house, if the flashing was not on properly.

Structure – The shape and size of the chimney in relation to the home is important because if it is too large it can be a fire hazard, but if it is too small, it may not ventilate properly. The brick and mortar also must be free of damage.

Cracks, breaks, and other damage weaken the structure and can eventually tilt or crumble. They can also cause problems with ventilation. – Alliance Chimney can repair small cracks, on the spot. We can also repair larger cracks and damage by replace bricks or only having to replace a part of the structure. If not taken care of (properly maintained/repaired), it could become a very costly repair or your chimney may need to be replaced, completely.

If something needs to be repair or replaced, our specialists will fix the problem, on the spot, for smaller problems. However, if a larger repair is needed or if our specialists need to get a part, they will schedule an appointment, within a day or two, to ensure the problem is addressed. Alliance Chimney will do everything to make certain your chimney and fireplace are maintained and working properly, so you can sleep at night knowing your family and home are safe.