Chimney Experts

What does it mean to be a chimney expert?

Depending on who you ask, the answers you get may vary. For Alliance Chimney and Roofing, the answer is clear and concise. With over 20 years’ experience serving the Nassau, Suffolk and Queens communities, we have seen it all.

Extreme weather, changes in regulations and local code, new materials and evolving technology in not only the heating systems being installed in home to the equipment used to service these chimneys. We have watched the industry change with the times and we have been on the leading edge since we opened our doors.

Another characteristic that speaks to our expertise is the loyalty of our client base.

Alliance Chimney serves over 10,000 clients in Nassau, Suffolk and Queens Communities EACH YEAR. Each of these clients have come to rely on our commitment to quality service to help them keep their houses healthy and warm, thus ensuring that their families are safe, healthy and warm.

Finally, along with our over 20 years of experience serving over 10,000 clients a year, we are a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business and we have passed the stringent screening process that allows us to offer our services on Angie’s List.

We are proud of these achievements and the entire Alliance Chimney team works hard every day so that we maintain the respect and reputation that has garnered us these accolades from not only our clients but from respected organizations throughout the community. That is why Alliance Chimney are Roofing & chimney experts.