Are You Having Chimney Draft Problems?

Picture this… It is a cold winter night on Long Island and you and your loved ones are all at home enjoying the warmth of a properly heated house. Then it happens! You feel a chill. You check the windows to make sure they’re all closed. You even check the doors on the house to ensure that none are open. When you have checked the doors and windows and have determined that all are properly closed, you resign yourself to the fact that you have a chimney draft.

Some household drafts problems are easily diagnosed and alleviated by the homeowner themselves. There are a number of products available at home improvement stores that help to seal off drafts emanating from windows and door frames.

But what if you do all of this and you still feel a draft in the house?

There is only one other opening in the house that can be the source of drafts and due to its very nature, it is one that homeowners cannot diagnose and repair themselves. It is the chimney of course.

Chimney drafts pose a special set of problems as you cannot simply seal off a chimney. As it serves as the primary vent to remove from the home the gases caused by burning fuel, the drafts it causes can only be mitigated by a professional with experience dealing with these tricky household features.

Alliance are chimney experts in identifying the source of drafts within the heating system of the house. We can advise on solutions and then implement those solutions so that your house is the healthy, fully functioning home you need it to be for your family.

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