Chimney Cleaning

We Offer Superior Chimney Cleaning Services to All Homes and Businesses on Long Island and in the 5 Boroughs of NYC

Alliance Chimney offers customers comprehensive chimney cleaning services, including standard chimney “sweeping” and blockage removal.

Build-up and blockages are extremely dangerous, which could cause potential fires, as well as hazardous smoke and deadly amounts of CO2 from backing up into the home. Therefore, it is highly suggested you have your chimney inspected and cleaned, by professionals on a yearly basis. Not only will this act as a preventative measure, but it will allow us to identify problems that already exist.

There are two categories of issues which are addressed with our chimney cleaning services:

Creosote Build-Up

Wood-burning fireplaces produce a nasty and sneaky substance called “creosote.” Creosote is the substance that is released from burning wood, which builds-up, over time, within fireplaces and chimneys. The gas particles that are emitted into the air, from burning wood, must sustain a minimum temperature of 250 degrees, in order to stay in the gaseous state and be appropriately ventilated into the outside air. When the temperature within the chimney is too low, the gaseous particles form this gooey, corrosive matter which adheres to the walls of the chimney flue and is highly combustible.

Blockages in Your Chimney

Blockages are caused from leaves, debris, and other particles which get caught in the chimney stack or adhere to pre-existing creosote. Chimneys also make perfect homes for animals, who build nests within the stack. Regardless of the nature of the blockage, a clogged chimney is extremely dangerous to your home and/place of business and its inhabitants.

Alliance Chimney’s main priority is to ensure the safety, health, and well-being of all of our customers. This is why all of our specialists are certified experts, who know how to clean the inside of your chimney and remove blockages so your chimney is in optimal functioning condition. We provide the most efficient, yet detailed cleaning services, with an end result being a safe and immaculately clean chimney.

When you hire Alliance Chimney to take care of your chimney cleaning, we not only guarantee the job is done right, but that there will be no presence of us in your home, when we leave. Our dedicated experts will:

  • Place a tarp or canvas at the mouth of the chimney/fireplace to collect any dirt or debris.
  • Use industrial vacuums to suction of the dirt and debris, while cleaning your chimney.
  • Use several different tools to sweep, scrape, and chip away at even the thickest and most stubborn build-up.
  • Spray your chimney with a substance that breaks down creosote, effectively.
  • Carefully remove any signs of animal-life so they do not enter your home.
  • Clean up all signs of our services.
  • Inspect the inside of your chimney for damage.
  • Test your chimney to ensure it is functioning properly.
  • Provide you with tips on how to properly maintain your chimney and fireplace.
  • Answer any questions you have regarding the process or your chimney, in general.

 Benefits of a Clean Chimney

Having your chimney cleaned on a yearly basis offers many benefits. Some of the reasons you need to have your chimney cleaned are because it:

  • Prevents fires from build-up
  • Provides proper ventilation – prevents smoke inhalation, CO2 build-up, sparking/embers
  • Discourages animals from making it their home
  • Promotes cleaner burning
  • Promotes energy efficiency (heat efficient), which saves money
  • Adds to the life of your chimney
  • Identifies any additional problems/damage