Chimney Company in Patchogue

We Provide Chimney Cleaning, Repair, Inspection, and Blockage Removal Services to the Residents of Patchogue, Long Island

Whenever you are searching for quality chimney services, we are here to help.  We offer a variety of chimney services, including standard sweeping and blockage removal.  Build-up and blockages can take place inside your chimney.  This can be quite dangerous and may lead to hazardous smoke and deadly CO2 backing up inside your house.  It can also potentially cause fires.

For all of these reasons, it’s always strongly advised that you make use of our services to have your chimney inspected and cleaned out once a year at least.  Our inspections are designed to prevent any potential hazards from occurring that are associated with having a dirty or blocked chimney.  Also, we can identify and locate any existing problems that your chimney might have.

Two of the major issues that our cleaning services focus on are:

Creosote Build-Up

Wood burning fireplaces generate an unpleasant and dangerous substance called creosote.  This substance is released as wood burns.  Over time, it builds up inside your fireplace and chimney.  Then gas particles get directly emitted from the wood that is burning to inside your house.  The temperature needs to remain over 250 degrees for the gas particles to say in a gaseous state in order for the particles to be appropriately ventilated outdoors.

Whenever the temperature inside a chimney gets too low, the gaseous particles are converted into a gooey and corrosive matter that sticks to the chimney’s walls and flue.  This matter is highly combustible and dangerous.


When a blockage occurs inside your chimney, it usually develops from leaves, debris and particles that get trapped inside the stack of the chimney.  The particles adhere to any creosote that is present as well.  There also may be animals who have made your chimney their home by building nests inside the chimney’s stack.  Clogged and blocked chimneys are very hazardous to your home or business, along with all of the people inside.

Our company works hard to ensure the safety, health and well-being of all of our customers.  All of our specialists are certified experts who are highly trained.  Our specialists have extensive experience and know exactly how your chimney needs to be cleaned, and how to remove any chimney blockages to keep your it in optimal condition so that it functions properly and is safe.  We always deliver efficient and detailed services that result in a chimney that is safe and immaculately clean.

Whenever you make use of the chimney cleaning services that we offer, we provide you with a guarantee that the job will be done correctly and that we won’t leave any traces of having been inside your house.  Our services include:

  • We suction up dirt and debris using an industrial vacuum cleaner while cleaning the chimney’s interior
  • We check the chimney’s interior for any possible damage
  • We test the chimney to make sure it is functioning properly

Clean Chimney Benefits

When you keep your chimney clean, it provides you with numerous benefits.  One of the major ones is extending the life of your chimney.  Give us a call today for efficient, honest and reliable services that you can count on, and enjoy a healthier and safer environment.