Can Blocked And Dirty Chimneys Cause Health Problems?

Can Blocked And Dirty Chimneys Cause Health Problems?For over 20 years now, Alliance Chimney of Long Island has provided Long Island clients with a comprehensive line of cleaning, inspection, and repair services that have kept their chimneys and flues operating properly and safely. Most importantly, our services help to resolve certain issues that can eventually lead to significant health problems. The following is a list of those health problems that can result from blocked and dirty chimneys and flues as well as their symptoms.

Carbon monoxide poisoning – a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas resulting from improper combustion. CO poisoning is oftentimes difficult to detect but prolonged exposure to it can result in flu-like symptoms (e.g. confusion, fatigue, headache, and nausea). It can also cause brain damage, heart problems, and in the worst case scenario, death.

Exposure to creosote – this black, oily substance results from incomplete wood combustion and builds up inside the flue. It can lead to some very unpleasant health problems including:

  • abdominal issues
  • cancer
  • eye irritations
  • kidney and liver irritations
  • mental problems
  • respiratory problems
  • skin irritations

Inhalation of chimney soot – this is another contaminant that results when combustion has not been completed. As it builds up inside the chimney, it can escape into the air within your home. Prolonged exposure over time can cause lung diseases, irritate the lungs, and lead to respiratory infections.

Histoplasmosis – this respiratory infection is caused by the droppings left behind by the chimney swift, a small blackish-brown bird that loves to nest inside of chimneys. Their droppings contain a fungus known as histplasma capsulatum. The symptoms include:

  • appetite and weight loss
  • chest pains
  • chills, fever, or sweating
  • chronic cough

None of these health issues are ones that you want to experience so the bottom line is that you should take the necessary precautions and have your chimney and flue cleaned and inspected by a professional Long Island chimney service. Not only will this help to protect you and your family from the above health problems, it will ensure that your chimney and flue are operating properly and safely.

We are committed to providing the highest quality Long Island chimney service to our clients and ensuring the protection and safety of homeowners and their families. Whether you need a Long Island chimney inspection, a blockage removed, or any type of repairs such as the replacement of a chimney cap or flue liner, we are here to help. Please contact us today for more information on the services we provide.

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