Comprehensive Repairing

Clogging or becoming contaminated or breaking down of the stack are some of the common problems that people face and Alliance services are always there to help the people of Suffolk and Nassau County.

Not only does Alliance has a 60-minute emergency chimney service, clients will not even need to think twice when it comes to the repairs. This month Alliance has dropped their pricing for loyal customers, Alliance is offering an $89 Cap Special (Stainless Steal Caps Installed). Alliance has long serviced the people from  NY. For over 20 years, different homeowners have trusted this company, and never repented it. This recent discount is coming at the right time for homeowners going into fall and winter. The discount has been drawing new and excising clients to Alliance and they couldn’t be happier.

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Maintenance Services to New Clients

Customers can leave the entire maintenance services in their hands just like the tens of thousands of people who have built their trust on them. With Alliance customers will not only get the best quality of work done but also licensed and insured technicians who are available throughout the day, as well as the night.

New customers are treated equally with Alliance’s prompt service. In 1992 Alliance made it clear to their customers that they will be at the customer’s home or business within 60 minutes to service them and they have stuck by this creed.

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60 Minute Emergency Service

Once customers realize their is a problem with their chimney they should call Alliance Chimney, within minutes a work crew is on the way. Once a certified employee is at the home or business the issue is assessed and fixed. Alliance Chimney is a fully insured and licensed company which specializes in fireplace and chimney construction, cleaning, brick pointing, liners, caps and maintenance. The company corrects gas and boiler shutoffs in a proper manner. It also works efficiently on violations and blockages. Alliance Chimney takes pride in living in the same community it serves as the company is based in New York. This is the same area that they provide their service for. To avail the 60 Minute Emergency Service, one must call the company at the earliest to talk to Alliance Chimney, an expert of Sweeping and Chimney Cleaning. The company boasts itself to be the top company to provide such service.

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Call the Experts

We, the experts are good at what we do and provide you assistance with all sorts of problems you might face with a chimney.
 What can we do for you?

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$89 Chimney Cap Special

As the fall and winter months approach, ensuring that your chimney is free of any impediment or damage is key to a trouble free living environment. Keeping your chimney in top working shape through-out harsh weather once it has been cleaned and serviced is just as important. With this in mind, Alliance Chimney’s $89 offer will give homeowners the peace of mind necessary at a low, all-inclusive cost.

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24/7 Emergency Services

The company, which has been in service for more than 20 years, has been a big player in the Home Improvement & chimney inspection industry.

A spokesperson for the company said that they have been offering the much needed 24/7 emergency services in the last few weeks and that the response has been phenomenal. He said, “When you have a problem with your chimney on a Friday evening, you want it fixed on the Friday evening. You wouldn’t want it spoil the mood of your family get together during the weekend. You just couldn’t wait until it’s Monday for someone to take care of it. Call us at 866-397-5107 (toll-free) and you will have someone to fix your roof/ chimney in the next 60 minutes, whatever the time it could be.”

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Alliance Chimney Now Provides 60 Minute Response Time

Alliance Chimney, chimney repair and cleaning specialists, would like to discuss importance of emergency chimney cleaning. A fully licensed and insured company provides roofing, chimney and gutter services to all the New York boroughs. Alliance has been providing all of the fireplace, chimney and roofing professional services, including fire place construction, repair, inspection, cleaning caps and maintenance, correcting boiler and gas shutoffs, draft problems, blockages, and violations and now, emergency services. Some of the routine chimney maintenance can be done by the residents themselves. Professionals can accurately check for cracks, damage, airflow and draft control and overall roof or chimney condition, to ensure a safe living environment. Sometimes an emergency will occur that needs a quick repair.

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Roof Maintenance Tips

Roof replacement or repair can be expensive. Experts recommend that residents spend a little bit of time every six months to take a look their roof and identify any maintenance issues that will help prevent costly repairs. What should you look for in your roof with regards to maintenance? Below are some tips: 
Look for any missing nails or damaged shingles. 
Ensure that there is enough roof ventilation. Without proper ventilation, plywood may get damaged and you might have moldy attic. 
Check your attic for any leaks or dampness. If there any signs of leakage such as dark spots on the ceiling, take immediate action. Roof leaks only get worse so take action and schedule regular maintenance to avoid replacing it in the future. 
Clean gutters regularly.

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Is DIY Relining Really A Good Idea?

If your home was built before 1940 — like many houses you may not have a modern clay tile liner in your chimney. Clay tile liners didn’t really come into common use until the mid-1940s, and they were a huge blessing to homeowners that relied on fireplaces either for warmth or simply for ambience. As homeowners learn about the benefits of a modern chimney liner, many decide they want one. But is it a good idea to attempt DIY chimney relining?, the answer is clearly “no”.

That’s because there are several reliable, inexpensive, and talented groups who are chimney pros.

Before A Relining

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The Power of Hydraulic Lime in Repointing.

The advantages were obvious when it was first created: it dried faster, was more waterproof, and was harder than it’s predecessor, hydraulic lime.

But as it turns out, Portland cement isn’t ideal in all circumstances. Many builders are just learning that it has its problems — and that the old-school hydraulic lime combats most of those same problems.

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