Solving Water Leaks With Chimney Flashing

Solving Water Leaks With Chimney FlashingThe term “flashing” refers to any impervious material that is a component of a WRB or weather-resistant barrier system. These thin pieces of material are installed to prevent water from leaking through the joints around different types of roof protrusions. These protrusions can compromise a roofing system’s integrity and allow moisture to enter. Compared to some protrusions such as bathroom vents, kitchen vents, and plumbing ventilation pipes, your chimney is the largest component that protrudes through your roof. Continue reading

Can Blocked And Dirty Chimneys Cause Health Problems?

Can Blocked And Dirty Chimneys Cause Health Problems?For over 20 years now, Alliance Chimney of Long Island has provided Long Island clients with a comprehensive line of cleaning, inspection, and repair services that have kept their chimneys and flues operating properly and safely. Most importantly, our services help to resolve certain issues that can eventually lead to significant health problems. The following is a list of those health problems that can result from blocked and dirty chimneys and flues as well as their symptoms.

Carbon monoxide poisoning – a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas resulting from improper combustion. CO poisoning is oftentimes difficult to detect but prolonged exposure to it can result in flu-like symptoms (e.g. confusion, fatigue, headache, and nausea). It can also cause brain damage, heart problems, and in the worst case scenario, death. Continue reading

5 Signs Indicating The Need For Chimney Repair

Chimney SweeperThere is a common misconception among Long Island homeowners that a simple chimney sweeping is all that is needed to keep their fireplaces operating properly and safely. Granted, having your chimney professionally cleaned, inspected, and maintained by Alliance Chimney of Long Island is essential to the safety of your household. However, proper chimney maintenance may involve the assistance of a Long Island chimney repair service. Here are 5 signs indicating the need for repair. Continue reading

The Importance Of A Properly Operating Chimney And Flue

The Importance Of A Properly Operating Chimney And FlueA chimney’s primary purpose is the removal or venting of those by-products that result from the combustion process. This is a crucial function when you consider that those by-products contain hazardous gasses including carbon monoxide (CO). When animals and humans are exposed to high concentrations of this colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas, they can become seriously ill and even die. In most cases, the presence of CO within a Long Island home is attributed to the inadequate venting of a fireplace or furnace. Continue reading

3 Levels Of Chimney Inspections To Be Aware Of

3 Levels Of Chimney Inspections To Be Aware OfWhenever we think about relaxing in front of a fire during winter, our mind conjures up images of comfort and warmth as well as safety. Nothing compares to the feeling you get when you can spend your evening in front of your fireplace instead of being outside in the cold winter weather. However, a professional chimney inspection during the off-season can prevent can prevent a number of unpleasant issues when it is time to use it. Continue reading

Do Not Overlook Cleaning Your Chimney

5 Signs Indicating The Need For Chimney RepairChimney cleaning is one of the most overlooked aspects of maintaining a home. Homeowners know they need to clean and dust all the rooms in a home, mow the lawn and keep up the landscape, but fail to remember to clean the chimney.

This is bad, especially because a dirty chimney can shoot smoke back into your home and cause everyone to inhale the toxic substance.

Not only is the smoke harmful to your health, it can also damage the interior of your home and the furniture. This is exactly why we’re in business…to help homeowners on Long Island, like you, clean their chimneys so you don’t have to worry about smoke causing harm to anyone or anything.

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Why is Chimney Blockage Removal So Important?

contact-usDid you know things such as creosote, ash, mold, and even a birds nest could all cause a blockage in your chimney? None of those things are going to help ventilate your house properly when you light a fire to warm yourself up.

Alliance Chimney is a company that specializes in all things related to chimneys, primarily blockage removal and cleaning. With our help you do not have to worry about causing yourself harm while cleaning a chimney. We’re here to provide our professional blockage removal and cleaning assistance at an affordable price so that you can simply enjoy using your chimney without worry.

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Why Regular Chimney Inspections are Necessary

chimneyrepairsYearly chimney inspections are essential to ensure that your house and the occupants are safe.  Even if you rarely use your fireplace, it is still necessary to keep your home ventilation system in good working condition and Alliance Chimney of Long Island can help you achieve that.

Here are some of the reasons why you should get your chimney assessed regularly.

1) Prevent Fire and Carbon Monoxide Poisoning 

When a chimney gets blocked for some reason, carbon monoxide accumulates within the premises and can cause health issues and even death. It is odorless and is one of the leading causes of poisoning in the country.  Other means for CO to accumulate is when the flue or the pipe that guides the fumes out of the house is damaged.  Additionally, when hot fumes do not properly get spewed out of the chimney, it could cause or start a fire. A yearly inspection will prevent such accident.

2) Clean Chimney

A dirty chimney is another reason why inspection may be necessary. A professional can clean your system properly and can recommend proper ways of using and maintaining it. Build-up happens within the flue as well and your chimney specialist can certainly determine if it needs cleaning or it is still good for use.

3) Remedy Chimney Structures

The size of your flue must be appropriate for the size of your chimney and frequency of use.  A chimney company can proficiently determine if your flue is big enough to handle the smoke and fumes that need to be directed out of your house.  They can also correctly assess if your furnaces and fireplaces need to be fixed, so that they will combust properly to prevent smoke and carbon monoxide build-up.  Chimney inspections are necessary to make sure that a fireplace is suitable and will work correctly in a properly insulated house.

These are some of the reasons why you need yearly chimney inspections. If you want to keep your family and your home safe, look for a trustworthy chimney company, like Alliance Chimney, that has plenty of experience and is certified to carry out inspections and maintenance.

Pros & Cons of Clay Liners

As discussed in a previous blog, there are several types of chimney liners, all of which are used to serve the same purpose.

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Cleaning Tips

As per the National Fire Protection Agency ruling, the creosote deposit lining the chute is the leading cause of a chimney fire. Find cleaning services that provide firebox relining, water and animal proofing, and vents cleaning provisions. We at Alliance can repair or clean them to keep our customers stay warm and safe.

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