Chimney Blockages

WARNING: Your Chimney Could Be Sending Carbon Monoxide Into Your Home or Business…Get It Fixed Now!

Carbon monoxide is responsible each year for many deaths throughout the country. The causes of the carbon monoxide build up are varied but sadly the results are often the same.

Use of carbon monoxide detectors throughout the home is a wise investment but in the end they are alerting you to a situation that is a danger at that very moment. Preventing carbon monoxide is easily done with a little preparation and through the use of trained professionals who can rectify the situation.

One of the major causes of carbon monoxide build up in the home is the use of a heating system that requires service. Oil burners, wood burning stoves and fireplaces are some of the most popular modes of heating homes and while they are unique in their own ways they all have one identical characteristic…a chimney.

Weather it is a traditional brick & mortar chimney or metal chimney on a wood burning stove, a chimney is always involved and it is here where the greatest threat to cause the build-up of carbon monoxide exists.

WARNING: A Blocked Chimney Prevents the Venting of Carbon Monoxide and Smoke From the House…So Get Your Chimney Inspected and Cleaned Today!

While smoke backing up into the house is bad it is easily noticed. However, carbon monoxide is a silent, invisible threat that a homeowner is not aware of until the alarm goes off or something much worse happens.

Alliance Chimney is skilled in identifying blockages, removing them and then looking for and repairing any collateral damage the blockage may have caused.

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