Animal Removal From Chimneys

One of the joys of living on Long Island is the varied wild life that we encounter each day. Visiting local parks or even just walking through our neighborhood we could encounter squirrels, possum, raccoons and a wide variety of birds. All of these play a part in the cycles of nature and we all want to ensure they stay alive.

Sometimes these members of the animal kingdom, while searching for food or a place to build a home, venture into our homes. One of the more attractive locations for them to nest is the chimney and as will happen, these lost animals can get stuck.

If animals remain in your chimney they pose a much greater problem to the health of both the house and its residents…you and your family.

Besides the bacterial components of their various bodily fluids while alive, once these trapped animals die their decomposing remains can not only contribute more bacterial residue but also insects.

The facts of nature is that all animals carry a variety of insects in their fur or feathers and once the host is no longer viable, they will move on to find new hosts. If they are on animals stuck in your chimney, they will seek refuge and food within your home.

Removal of any blockages from a chimney is a tricky proposition that requires specialized skills and equipment but when the blockage is a dead animal, there are health concerns that require greater precautions.

Alliance Chimney are experts in animal removal from chimneys, ensuring that not only are the remains removed but that the chimney is cleaned and that there is no collateral damage or living members of their family still present.

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