3 Levels Of Chimney Inspections To Be Aware Of

3 Levels Of Chimney Inspections To Be Aware OfWhenever we think about relaxing in front of a fire during winter, our mind conjures up images of comfort and warmth as well as safety. Nothing compares to the feeling you get when you can spend your evening in front of your fireplace instead of being outside in the cold winter weather. However, a professional chimney inspection during the off-season can prevent can prevent a number of unpleasant issues when it is time to use it.

According to the NFPA or National Fire Protection Agency, they have classified 3 distinct levels of inspection that our Long Island chimney service should offer. These are standards that are followed whenever you contact Alliance Chimney of Long Island follows to inspect your chimney and make recommendations for repairs or service:

Level 1 inspection – the most common inspection performed. If you haven’t experienced any problems during chimney usage, a Level 1 inspection should suffice. During this inspection, we will examine accessible portions of your chimney and fireplace connection as well as certain portions of your chimney’s exterior and interior. The basic structure should be intact and there should be no visible damage.

Level 2 inspection – if you are going to change the fuel burned in your fireplace, reline the flue, or you’ve recently noticed damage to your chimney’s exterior, then we will recommend a Level 2 inspection. The visual examination performed in the Level 1 inspection will also be performed here. Accessible areas such as your attic and crawlspace will be inspected while a video camera or device will be used when inspecting the flue for cracks and other damage. However, there should be no permanent damage to the chimney or the structure.

Level 3 inspection – this is the most comprehensive inspection of all. In addition to all tasks performed in Levels 1 and 2, the concealed areas of your chimney will be thoroughly examined during Level 3. Certain portions of the chimney or structure will be removed if that is required. This includes removal of the crown or interior portions of the chimney wall in order to perform a more detailed inspection. In most cases, serious damage may be found.

Alliance Chimney of Long Island can detect the need for repairs through these levels of inspection. If you have not had your chimney inspected within the past year, now is the time to call us and schedule an appointment for an inspection.

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